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Whistler Vacation Rentals

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Whistler is the most amazing place on earth for the adventure sport lover. There really just isn't anywhere else like it, honestly. Summer and winter, Whistler offers everything you could ever want to do. The only limit is your budget. World-class skiing, snowboarding, hiking, golfing, mountain biking, fishing, river sports, lake sports, 4x4 adventures, jet boating, mountain climbing, camping, helicopter adventures and so much more. There is just so much to do in and around Whistler, it will surprise you.

Where to Stay

There are many neighbourhoods in the City of Whistler and they all have their own benefits. Staying in Whistler Village gives you instant access to nightlife, restaurants, clubs, bars and more all at the base of the mountain gondolas. A little farther up gets you to Blackcomb Village, which is still convenient to the main Village but is a lot more quiet. The Aspens condo development is right on the slopes at the base of Blackcomb and offers some very convenient placement close to the action while still keeping you far enough away that you cannot hear the thumping of the bass. As you go farther out from the Village there are more condo developments and an excellent selection of homes. Over in the Creekside neighbourhood you'll find the Talus Creek development. Some of the best ski-in ski-out homes in Whistler are in this development. If you are after luxury and would like to be able to strap them on and head out first thing, this is the area for you.

Whistler Weather

Whistler Village is beautiful year round. In summer you will find it warm, with temperatures hitting 30 C on the hottest of days. The mountains sometimes brings quick changing weather but the summers are typically warm and dry. Winter brings cold and snow but not to the extreme, rarely would the top of the mountain have temperatures of lower than -20 C and usually the Village is right around freezing, even in the dead of winter. You could say it is always just perfect.

Whistler's Atmosphere

It is all fun and games in Whistler. The world's adventure hounds seeking the next greatest thrill all live in Whistler and take advantage of the many ways you can have fun. To take full advantage of what Whistler has to offer it is best if you prepare for it. The mountain is big, the runs are steep and the snow is deep so build those legs before you come. Practice your late night adventures too as there is lots of that to accomplish after you are done on the mountain, summer and winter!

Find what you are looking for on your next visit to British Columbia. Find it in Whistler BC.

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